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Olfactory Training (online)




3 hours

About the Course

This workshop will be provided ONLINE and is designed to teach you a technique to train and improve your sense of smell.

In this workshop you will have access to video lessons covering the sense of smell, how it relates to health and well-being and how we can use smell testing to detect dementia early. While viewing the video lesson you will be guided through the smell training technique and you can practice on your own.

You will be provided with a list of supplies you will need to collect to create your smell kit at home (alternatively you can order one of our smell kits for delivery). Additionally, you will have documentation to learn the smell training technique and to help support your continued training at home.

This workshop is currently collecting a wait list. If you are interested please sign up here to be notified of start dates.

Your Instructor

Jamie Knight

Jamie Knight

Jamie Knight has a PhD in Lifespan Development from the Department of Psychology at the University of Victoria. She specializes in olfactory health and early markers of dementia.

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